Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2007 in Review: Creative Writing Goals

So 2007 is over. I set some pretty lofty creative writing goals last year, building off of some minor breakthroughs in 2006. But how far did I get this past year? Let’s have a look:

January 2007

Goal: Nightqueen - 2nd Draft Moonrise

Well... I did do a new draft of NightQueen (In May!). I’m almost ready to get a staged
reading going to see how all this fantasy, urban wilderness, epic would really work on the stage…
Getting there. Getting there.

Feb. 2007
Goal: It Goes Unsaid - New Draft:

Hey! I worked on a new draft of that too, with my creative partners. We even put up a show in July, and…well, I’m not going to get into all of that right here. Yeah a new draft was completed, but is it all we hoped and dreamed for...we're still working.

March 2007
Goal: Finish Stardate Version 2 - Single Alien

Result: Hmmm. Well I did come up with something. I mean doesn’t a mock reality show depicting aliens on blind dates appeal to you? It sounded like a good idea to me, but…well I’ve always thought comedy was the hardest thing to write. I put this baby on hold in April.

July 2007
Goal: Revisit Teena Keeper character

Result: Ahhh, Teena Keeper. Who is she? Ever since I wrote that first story about her back in college, she has lurked in the shadows of my imagination. Her story is…immense and intense, and, well, I have to say I didn’t get back to writing it in 07. I thought about though, an awful lot. Yeah. I worked it I guess...yeah! SHAME ON ME!!!


Hmm. Looks like I slacked a bit creatively here. But in my own defense I did write some other stuff. Theater has really began to take over my life. I landed a job at the Apollo in July, and I’ve been soaking up all I can about how a Theater really works. At the same time, I’ve really been putting my time into some new scripts. In 2007, I wrote the first draft of a new full-length play, The Lattice Crashes. And I have a loose collection of some sci-fi vignettes that, eventually, will get me back to Teena.

But, really, I got away from all the writing. And I have no one to blame but myself. I’m giving myself a "C" creatively in 2007.

Yes, it’s hard to stay focused. Yes, it’s hard to stay motivated. But excuses do not a career as a writer make.

What does that mean? It means for 2008, I have to get it together!

What do you think?

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