Monday, July 14, 2008

Updates of Late

Well I’ve been busy lately, and haven’t been in touch with you all.

July 12, 2008
I attended the Indie Theater 2nd Convocation. Wow. It was great to be among so many professionals working in Independent Theater, and I am every excited to participate more fully in this community. What can I say—Indie Theater is what I do, I just didn’t know we could call it Indie. The other term (off-off broadway) implies a certain aspiration to be on the Great White Way. That’s just not the case for all of my shows, and Indie Theater better conveys that point. And that’s just the name, there’s a lot more to it… Go Indie!

June 19, 2008
A few weeks ago was Juneteenth, and my friends at Freedom Train Productions brought it in with an evening of Theater called After the Ballot. This event helped support the month-long festival they produce every year, Fire! A scene from my new play, The Lattice Crashes, was featured for After the Ballot. It was a great evening.

I finished a draft of the Lattice Crashes about two months ago. In a nutshell this two-act play follows a technician in the distant future charged with fixing a computer archive of human history. A 21st century “gay-bashing” event is giving her trouble because everyone is lying about it, but she’d rather hit 'delete' than figure out the truth.

I’m a member of the Harlem Arts Alliance/Columbia University Dramatic Writers Workshop, and I was supposed to get feedback for the Lattice Crashes from a mentor in the program. But I missed my feedback day!!!! (Long story. Completely my fault.)

May 27th 2008
It Goes Unsaid went to London. We actually got it there for the Accidental Festival. It was tough work (but not much new writing). The show was a success, I’d say, since we’ve been invited back. That was an experience that warrants a full blog entry. But we're a bit burnt out at Under the Spell. We are planning more projects for August though. I guess I’ll get to sharing more about London sometime. Bother me about it.

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