Thursday, September 11, 2008

Updates of Late - Fire Finished Up and a new Sunday Series

So it's been a minute since I posted last.

My hats off to the entire team at Freedom Train Productions for the August's Fire festival. After Sharon Bridgforth’s work, the festival showcased works in development by Harrison David Rivers and Aurin Squire, all accomplished writers who clearly have a future in playwrighting.

In other news, the River View Players launched their new performing arts series Sunday, September 7th at Café Largo in Harlem. It was a lovely event, and very well attended by various leaders and luminaries in the Uptown New York Arts scene.

The weekly series at the Cafe will feature a variety of dramatic readings, film screenings, poetry, monologues and other performances every Sunday at 4 P.M. I’m happy to report that I’m involved with two projects that have been selected for the series:

September 21, 2008 – the River View Players will present excerpts of It Goes Unsaid, Under the Spell Production’s anchor show, of which I am a co-author. We are looking forward to a new interpretation of this work.

September 28, 2008 – the River View Players will present excerpts of my new play, The Lattice Crashes, which examines a college hate crime from the vantage point of the distant future.

Both events are free and open to the public so come on up to the Café!
There’s more information on the River View Players Website.

That’s all for now.