Thursday, January 15, 2009

2008 Review: What I Wrote – NightQueen

I was supposed to figure out how musical elements would help ground my fantasy work, NightQueen this year. NightQueen, in a nutshell, contemplates an alternative reality, grounded in environmental principles and structured as a matriarchy. It’s a fantasy piece, writ large, and since 2000 or so I’ve been on again off again with versions for the screen and stage.

The last time I worked on the project, I got stuck as I wanted to present it as a live performance, but the world is so intricate and stuff that it got overbearing. So I resolved to do something musical instead.
And I didn’t do it.

I wrote, yet another version of NightQueen. This time, I began in an Urban Wilderness, and followed a young woman as she gradually discovered this alternative fantasy realm, and her role in it.

I’ll have to do better. NightQueen has a lot of potential, but I have to dedicate my full attention to it to do it right. This on again, off again, isn’t cutting it.

And since I mentioned music, I was supposed to collaborate on a full-fledged musical in 2008 too. That didn’t even get out of the concept stage, I’m afraid.

Now for the record, I’ve got chops as a pianist, and my musical talents have been rather latent since I got to New York. With good reason, I might add. But excuses can’t carry the day.

So poor marks for me with NightQueen and my musical forays. Bad form and all that.

That’s all I have. Next post…What’s on the horizon for 2009…


Anonymous said...

NightQueen seems really important to me--I look forward to it. I have lived with that alternate reality my whole life since I was blessed with a very nurturant grandmother. I wrote an M.A. essay available through UMI Dissertation Services, entitled Toward Matriarchy: The Radical Struggle of Women in the United States to Reconstruct Motherhood, 1785-1925. If you haven't read Bill Longstaff's Confessions of a Matriarchist, you will enjoy it, I think. He is a Canadian political analyst who makes the case for a society built on female-generated values. Best,

Derek Lee McPhatter said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for posting. I'll definitly try to get my hands on your Matriarchy piece...sounds pretty interesting.

Thanks for the Longstaff recommendation too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following AAPEX. I was curious about who you are and followed your icon to this blog. You are truly gifted as a writer. I hope success comes early to you. Now stop procrastinating and WRITE!
PS: Would you be open to posting any works in progress? If so, we might consider starting a series of posts on writers and their works. Please advise.