Tuesday, January 20, 2009

With a Spirit of Optimism – Inauguration Day and a renewed American promise

So here we are, somehow already in the future so many generations before thought we’d never reach.

Wow is really all I can say.

This is a well-deserved moment of celebration. Yes. Jubilee! Sing Praises. Give thanks! All of that and more!!!

Time moves us forward, and we’ve come to this threshold in history to build a better future.

Today, watching the inauguration on a big screen at work, I felt the immense promise in the air. The energy was electrifying. It wasn’t simply the sight of the first black president, it was this genuine spirit of hope I shared with people everywhere.

For those who have come before, for ourselves, and for future generations, we are coming together to seek our best destiny.

There are challenges on this bright, renewed path, I’m sure. But we are going to meet them and overcome, together.

Congratulations President Obama. Congratulations to all of us.

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