Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 Projects - Setting the Stage

These are my lead creative projects slated for this year.

The Lattice Crashes

Goal: Full NYC Production/minimum 2 week run

The Lattice Crashes is a stage-play that examines a contemporary hate crime from the vantage point of the distant future, where race, gender, and sexuality no longer hold the same meaning.

Bring the Beat Back
Goal: Script development, staged reading in August 09 (hopefully with Freedomtrain productions)

Bring the Beat Back is a work of music-drama that reaches into a transcendental realm of underground dance music to trace a new idea of the American family. Bring the Beat Back is informed by scholarship in ethnomusicology and cultural studies, and gestures toward an alternative to conventional musical productions.

Goals: content development, feature film script completion, live production options

NightQueen contemplates a new multicultural mythology that blends mysticism with an imperfect politics of feminism, social equality, and environmentalism.

is a multifaceted creative project that explores a unique fantasy-world through live dramatic presentations, musical performances, web-based offerings, and other production projects.

I’ll also be working on an independent LGBT romantic comedy as well as a spec script for a television program.

More later. (much more. there's some major stuff I can't share just yet.)