Sunday, June 14, 2009

So many shows, so much to do...

So here we are halfway through June. I am WORN OUT. From work, writing, being a good citizen for the arts, and life in general. But hey, would I really want it any other way?

Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to:

Residency with Freedomtrain
Things are really going well. As a resident playwright, I’ve been attending workshops designed to support the development of my new project, as well as the other resident playwrights this year, Ayanna Maia and Patricia Ione Lloyd.

Most recently, Freedomtrain provided a great workshop with director, Michael Goldfried, looking at the play development process from a director’s perspective. We’ve also had workshops with J. Julian Christopher, Marian Yalini Thambynayagam, and Carla Ching. They’ve all brought different strengths and points of view to our new works. It’s great! Aurin Squire is putting all of this together, as Freedomtrain’s Director of New Play Development, and I think he’s doing a fantastic job!

In other news, I’ve been all over the local arts circuit. I caught Theresa Rebeck’s Our House at Playwrights Horizons a few weeks ago. I took in Harlem Stage’s E-moves, which really is a great way to see what choreographers are up to in the world of movement. Last week, I took in Jamal Williams’ Eulogy for the Black Man and Wendell Edward Carter’s Rara Avis, presented as part of an arts festival celebrating Harlem’s historic Sugar Hill and Hamilton Heights neighborhoods (where I live.)

And those are just a few of the highlights. Thanks for reading! Later…