Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bring the Beat Back! Bring the Beat Back!!!

So here we are a few days out. Bring the Beat Back, my newest play, gets staged reading performances August 5th and 6th, the culminating event of my residency with Freedom Train Productions.

I am very excited about the show. I’ve worked very hard on Bring the Beat Back, from concept to working draft. Freedom Train really creates a community around its resident playwrights, and the talented team (on stage and off) behind this project is AMAZING. This has been a challenging, energizing, and an enriching experience that is really pushing me in terms of craft and professional development. That community helps bring the play along, setting the stage for its first performances – the Fire! New Play Festival.

As my director says, this is a trip of a show. The characters are dealing with the consequences of their convictions – spiritually, in family matters, and in matters of the heart.

The project crosses a lot of cultural terrain, from the “cult of the celebrity” to rigid religious dogma, to gay house culture, and more. I’m looking forward to hearing what the audience will have to say about Bring the Beat Back. Will it confuse? Entertain? Provoke? I’m about to find out!

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