Saturday, December 26, 2009

Woah....the Holidays are whirring by...

How is it already the day after Christmas. I realize I haven't posted since before Thanksgiving, but please don't think I haven't been hot on the scene. I have good excuses I promise.

First: The Apollo launched the national touring production of Dreamgirls in November, and that kept things at the "day job" busy busy busy busy! But it's an awesome show, and I am so proud to help bring it to new audiences.

Elsewhere in the Theater/Performing Arts Scene, I've taken in quite a few shows in the last six weeks or so, from FELA! to the Subjective Theater Company's Jump Jim Crow. I took in Memphis too. I just got a copy of the Kennedy Center's 2010 programming, and I really want to take a day trip to Washington DC to take in the national symphony orchestra.

But for the moment, I'm back in Ohio, catching up with the fam. As the year rounds out I've got a lot of analysis to do on my personal goals and such, so I'll be posting an end-of-year report and 2010 Goals soon...