Monday, March 22, 2010

The Lattice Crashes - Coming Soon

Logo Design - Mike Osgood

Hello Everybody,

So a few weeks ago I was notified by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council that I would be awarded a small grant to support a "workshop production/limited run" of my play, The Lattice Crashes!

I signed the grant agreement last week. That means, by taking that money I'm pledging to put up the show before the end of the year. This is a great kick in the pants to get that project rolling.

The Lattice Crashes is set on a vast "supernetwork" where history and technology have collided: Unless a computer technician in the distant future can uncover the truth about a gay bashing incident in the year 2002, the moment will be deleted from official history. But no one is telling the truth: not the victim, not the assailant, and certainly not their mothers.

The grant is not that large mind you. But its a great start, I'll need to continue to raise funds over the summer, and hope to have the show mounted by early autumn.

I'm very excited about this opportunity. Thanks and Kudos to the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council!!