Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Better Destiny for Bethany...New Short

Horse Trade Theater Group


“A Better Destiny for Bethany”

A short play

by Derek Lee McPhatter

Directed by Nicole Gehring

Featuring Yesenia Tromp and Matthew Wise

About the Play

Bethany's the biggest fan for the best-est boy band you've never heard of. And tonight she's finally putting the publicity stunts, medications, restraining orders, hallucinations and whatever else behind her...we hope.

A Featured presentation of Horse Trade Theater Groups’ THE DRAFTS

The Drafts Fest is the collaborative effort of six playwrights, six directors, and eight multifaceted actors. Playwrights receive randomly compiled cast lists and create stories tailored to The Drafts based on this year’s theme: Accidental Discharge Impossible. The Production also features Aliza Einhorn, Danny Sharron, Penny Pollak, Gary Warchola, Quinn D. Eli, Shay Gines, Amanda Von Nostrand, Quinn Warren, Eric Kingrea, Nicole Watson, JB Rote, Evan Taylor Walker, Megan Hill, Axel Avin Jr., Matthew-Lee Erlbach, and Randi Rivera.

The Red Room

85 E 4th St

New York, New York 10003

Between 2nd and 3rd Ave

$18 ($15 Students)

May 5 – 7 PM

May 6 – 7 PM

May 7 – 7 PM

May 12 – 7 PM

May 13 – 7 PM

May 14 – 7 PM