Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Derek in Los Angeles for the Cosby Program!

Over the holiday break I was offered a fellowship with the Guy Hanks and Marvin Miller Screenwriting Program. Administered at the University of Southern California, the program is essentially a 16-week writers boot-camp for TV and Film writing.

Bill and Camille Cosby founded the program back in 1993, and it was created out of Bill Cosby’s desire to support more socially-conscious, ethically responsible black writers in TV and Film. Around town the program is called “The Cosby Program.”

I accepted the fellowship, and I essentially had to implement a frantic relocation from Harlem to Los Angeles over the month of January, balancing my day-job at the Apollo and January 2012 Fire This Time Festival in the process.

Anyway, we are about 45 days into the program and I LOVE it! I am in the television track (comedy), developing my writing portfolio for professional commercial TV writing gigs.

I making the most of my time in Los Angeles, and doing my very best to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity.

More Soon!