Friday, August 1, 2014

JULY: you really socked it to me!!!

July has been an awesome month for the most part. I can’t believe its over.

Let’s get into the shows first:

I got to reconnect with an old friend from high school days in Pickerington (Yes, Pickerington):  Whitney Lee.  She’s part of Mutual Benefit, a chamber folk band that was in Chicago for the Pitchfork Festival.  It was great to reconnect with her and finally see some of her music live!  I was quite impressed.

Me and Whitney!
Whitney and Bandleader/Brother  Jordan Lee and Co.  MUTUAL BENEFIT

I also continued to take in Chicago’s rich theater scene.  Highlights include:

Contestants: Macho Ma'am Kandy Savage and CHI-quita Flores

The Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers is a raucous, ridiculous, unforgettable experience.  The antics of the contestant/performers bring the show to life – like Drinkerbell’s inebriated stage-rushing and 2nd-to-Nun’s riffs on Catholic rituals, but the insanity of their fans/posses really sets the show apart from other kinds of theater experiences.  It’s loud, profane, closer to arena-behavior than a conventional theater show and I LOVED IT!

Other highlights:

Victory Garden Theater’s staged reading presentation of Ike Holter’s new hipster play – SENDER as part of their Ignition Festival. Some very compelling and envelope-pushing dance performance,  Post-modern Afro-Latinidad, curated by Baraka de Soleil at Columbia College’s Dance Center for the Afro-Latin Summer Dance Intensive, a panel discussion on House Music, featuring Shaun J. Wright, Micah Salkind and others, and I took in some exciting performance art work – both at the 3rd anniversary of Salonathon and the second installment of Rashayla Marie Brown’s The Unholy Trinity of Me, Myself and I. 

So wow. Such a vibrant cultural scene here, indeed!  And it’s kept my juices flowing as I work on my own material. But more on that later.



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