Thursday, September 18, 2014

She's Out of Order - Distribution Deal!!

Updates from web-series land!
So the show I co-created, She's Out of Order, has been making the rounds for online distribution. And I'm very excited to share the news that we've inked a deal with the online distributor Online Movies Box for non-exclusive distribution of the series!

What does that mean exactly?  Well it means my team has agreed to license out 16 episodes to this third party, which then intends to showcase their series on their own digital platforms.  As their platforms are ad-supported, there's potential to generate revenue and the agreement gets into all the details about how that can go.  Unlike self-distribution on platforms like Youtube and Vimeo, this distribution takes the series to potential viewers beyond the networks I can engage on my own.


News of the deal attracted the indie press, particularly the folks over at Shadow and Act.  Check out the Write Up:

Comedy Web Series 'She’s Out of Order' Gets Online Distribution Deal

But more than this, being offered a non-exclusive distribution deal is a vote of confidence in the work. It means a third party with absolutely no investment or bias in the quality project thinks its strong enough to distribute themselves. That's quite an endorsement and helped motivate the She's Out of Order team to keep on keeping on.

If this was an exclusive deal, then we'd have to take She's Out of Order down from other platforms like Youtube. But it's non-exclusive, so we get the best of both worlds.