Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Updates: Obies, DC Black Theater Fest and New Stuff New Stuff!

It's been a while since I checked in.  I've been a bit out of the loop, spending more time with loved ones as I had two deaths in the family this spring.  So I had two trips to North Carolina a few months back for funerals for my paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother.  Somber times, but I must say I feel blessed to have such a loving, warm family.

So, needless to say, I took some time away from the writing hustle this spring, but that didn't really stop things from moving right along.  Here's a few highlights of the last few months...

D.C. Black Theatre Fest!
My team at Under the Spell Productions brought our signature show, It Goes Unsaid, to the D.C. Black Theatre Fest...

Look at This Cast!

A big shout out and thank you to my Under the Spell partners -- Rhonney Greene, Teresa Michelle Lasley, for bringing this show to a whole new audience in DC.  And a huge round of applause for the D.C. CAST:  



Obie Award for The Fire This Time Festival!
The Fire This Time Festival is the brainchild of fearless playwright/producer Kelley Nicole Girod and presents new work by talented early career playwrights of the African diaspora every winter in partnership with Horse Trade Theater Group in NYC. 

This season, the American Theatre Wing and the Village Voice honored The Fire This Time Festival with an OBIE AWARD!  

The Fire This Time Team at the Obies!

I'm proud to share that I am one of the original playwrights from the very first season of this festival, and I have remained involved as a producer behind the scenes ever since, helping out with fundraising and long-term planning. 

I wasn't able to fly in for the awards ceremony this spring, but I did visit Kelley a few weeks ago and she made it a point to snap a pic of me with the award. Check it out folks!  I'm on cloud 9!! 

Here's me at Kelley's House with THE OBIE!

In other news, I had a new short play (mock soap opera farce) in this season's Chicago Home Theater Festival for a one-night only performance, All things considered, the play went fairly well, despite last minute director changes and very little rehearsal time.   I've also been putting together a brand new comedy pilot, I've got a rewrite of a brand new One Act in the works (an early draft of which was a finalist for Sci Fest this year), a working treatment for a feature, and I've got some really cool music coming together for Bring the Beat Back... stay tuned!