Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Approaching Autumn... Forward with Focus

Trying to stay focused and keep that eye on the prize. Here's some overdue updates on what I've been working on:

Bring the Beat Back
I’ve partnered with house musicians Alinka and Shaun J.Wright of TWIRL! to develop a few demo tracks for my black gay sci-fi music theater piece. 

I’m planning to mount live music presentations this winter and I’m seeking partners to produce an audio play podcast version of the piece.

So stay tuned!  I will be sharing a few demos soon, but until then, please check out TWIRL!

This App is Not the Business
This stage play follows a headstrong loan officer whose march up the corporate ladder is undercut by a geeky client more interested in revolutionary acts of hacktivism than paying his debts.

An early draft had a staged reading last year at the National Black Theatre, and I’m in the rewrite phase to make it my leading theater script for 2016 opportunities.  If you’re in Chicago and interested in hearing a table read in October, let me know.

More Pilots and Features and Theater! Oh My!
I’m working on a brand new comedy pilot set behind the scenes at a theater, a time traveler revenge steampunk feature, and a few original concepts for digital series too. Lots of fun.

In particular, I’m actively seeking co-producers and creative partners to bring my sci-fi project --K.L.Ō.N.  --  to life as an indie short / digital series.  If you know anyone interested in offbeat dark comedies – especially featuring an impulsive clone,  a husband and wife super-scientist duo, funhouse laboratory hi-jinx, and sinister corporate conspiracies  - let me know!


Producer Projects

This short film project is the brainchild of Stephanie Jeter, who's finally stepping into her own as a writer/director after years of production work in film and television, including titles like Sirens, Contagion and Shameless.  

Stephanie's film is a very cool thriller that takes a look at what happens when a young African-American woman is kidnapped, but refuses to just disappear…

I’ve jumped on board as a co-producer. Be on the lookout for news on our crowdfunding campaign and other updates!

I can’t believe we are approaching the SEVENTH season of this exciting festival for early-career black playwrights.  I’m still on board as a co-producer, helping festival founder Kelley Nicole Girod and the team bring the project to life.  The festival received an Obie award last season, and we’re setting our sights very high to build on our momentum.  Can’t wait to share more about this.

I’m working with my partner, Aymar Jean Christian, to build this innovative digital platform for original narrative series, with an emphasis on showcasing work from the queer community, women and people of color.   I’m very excited by the Chicago-based platform’s early success, presenting projects like You’re So Talented and Futurewomen.  And I’m very impressed by Aymar's determination to take the project even further in the years ahead.  Stay tuned!


Paid Gigs!
For the last few months, I’ve been busy writing-for-hire. That’s right. Paid gigs!  Now I haven’t quit my day job or anything, but it is a nice boost of confidence to have someone value your hard work and skills. 

Sci Fi Romance Web Series
I developed a new digital series for a startup online romance network, bringing a sci-fi romance pitch from concept through the treatment phase. It was lots of fun, but looks like it won’t move into production anytime soon due to budget limitations. 

Ghostwriting Assignments
I can’t share much about this (as that would defeat the point about being a ghostwriter) but suffice it to say I’ve been generating new pitches and story outlines for a few feature and television projects aimed at studios and networks in Los Angeles and Atlanta.  This has been fun, but again – nothing has moved into production just yet.

And those are the seasonal updates folks. Lots up in the air, as usual. Thanks again for cheering me on. I’m aiming high with this next round of projects and all your prayers, praise, tips and support are GREATLY APPRECIATED!