Sunday, January 31, 2016

2015 In Review: An Obie, LA Webfest, Open TV and More!

So as usual, I’m a bit behind with the updates, but it’s all been for good reason. I have some hot irons in the fire, which I will hopefully be able to share in the coming weeks. 

I’ve also taken these first few weeks of 2016 to take stock on the prior year. Here’s a few highlights that made me proud:

·       Ever since I had Citizen Jane in season one of this fest, I’ve done my best to support it and help it move along, mostly behind the scenes now as a producer/fundraising lead. 

      This Obie is a much-deserved, and I’m so excited about the ongoing growth of the festival.

She’s Out of Order hit a stride last year, and taking home an award at LA Webfest was a wonderful way to celebrate our success with the series. 

·       Open TV went into Full Swing as a platform for independent arts and artists

I'm excited to be a behind-the-scenes supporter and super proud of my partner, Aymar Jean Christian for founding this Chicago-based project and creating a viable digital collective space for artists  - particularly artists of color and from LGBTQ backgrounds.   

And I have three “big deal” pitches pending from my 2015 writer hustle, any of which will really make a huge impact. 

All this makes me feel good because 2015 was a pretty trying year, with healthy heaping doses of “sorry not interested” responses, even for some stuff I thought was a “sure bet”, but yeah, I have plenty to be happy about.

But last year, I also managed to collect a few (modest) paychecks for my work as a writer/producer.  I've gotten in the mix with a few studios with network TV affiliations that will PAY ME to develop digital series for their online platform. And I also started ghostwriting for an independent producer with an interesting slate of film and TV projects (which I can’t say anything else about, lol). 

So I guess it was a pretty productive year, despite all the setbacks and sad-faces.

OK, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for news on my next presentation at the National Black Theatre, some exciting Open TV updates and more!