Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rhianna are you for real about Star Trek Beyond?

Rihanna... are we supposed to be friends now?
This Star Trek Beyond Soundtrack... it's got me all kinds of confused.

But you're RIHANNA!

You're not a Vulcan, or a Klingon or an Andorian, or Jem'Hadar or Bajoran or Borg


All these years I've danced to your hits but held my side-eye close, only to have my suspicions and shade justified in that No-She-Won't Battleship.

But this video is pulling me in...

Like see at 1:07, she's summoning all these alien ships that are swooping through all insect-like into outer space?  And in the previews those are the things that are ripping apart the beloved-by-all Enterprise Starship.

And at 2:35 she starts having psychic interfacing with the purple orb and suddenly she's transmitting herself into the COSMOS?

But isn't she Rihanna?  we all know what that means. Somebody's trying to take somebody's man and this time in OUTER SPACE! That's the only way I can see this pairing working out.
But then I did my research on the Google and I found this:


ARE YOU READY TO ADMIT YOU ARE ONE OF US, RHI RHI? A TREKKER, FORMERLY KNOWN AS TREKKIE, and by far the most dedicated Fandom across the land!!!!?


Like for  COMIC-CON ready?

Like for Star Trek Convention ready?

I have my doubts. And if I did that interview with her, I'would have demanded a bit more detail in what she likes SPECIFICALLY about Trek.

But, I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Because according to legend, you know you're bad but you're perfectly good at it.

So Am I gonna have to go back and love all those other albums and appearances and things I couldn't be bothered with Pre-Sledgehammer? I mean, one thing's for sure.  This is definitely a way to  BOLDLY GO WHERE NO POP STAR HAS GONE BEFORE.


Dwayne The Rock Johnson did it

Ashley Judd did it

And Iggy Pop did it

And Joan Collins did it

So I guess Rhi Rhi can too...

My shields are down, hailing frequencies open, but I don't Love the Way You Lie so I'm still at Yellow Alert.

Let's see how this Star Trek Beyond does when it premieres and then we'll have enough data for a proper analysis.

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