Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Trekkies!  Before we do a Star Trek Beyond Deep Dive I wanted to take a moment to reflect and express appreciation on what we have as a Fandom this year:

1. Star Trek Beyond - which is a worthy installment to the Film Franchise. (more on that later).

2. Anticipation around the new Star Trek Discovery Series

3. All sorts of Extravaganzas to celebrate this milestone year: 50 YEARS of Star Trek.

So much YES!  So much "Live Long and Prosper." So much is going right. And sure there's plenty to nitpick about with the Film and lots of things to worry about with the TV series, but overall Beyond is pretty good, and we haven't seen Discovery yet. It's not out. Which is giving us Star Trek Geeks an excuse to SPECULATE. Which is also a huge part of the fun.

So, I'm wondering.  IS THIS A PEAK TREK MOMENT?  Are we at a High Point with the Franchise?

I think so. But a lot of this depends on your thoughts on what Star Trek Beyond was trying to do. I think it was fairly successful, and held true to the core characters. But there are counter-arguments (which we will explore very soon, just giving a few core fans a chance to catch up).  And if anything, Star Trek Beyond reminded me that the Trek that truly makes me Geek Out is the TV kind. And that's coming soon!


But perhaps not the Highest Peak for Star Trek.
I still think that's 1991.

We said goodbye to Gene Roddenberry and celebrated his legacy!
We said hell yeah to Star Trek TNG Season 5: with Darmok, Unification and Time's Arrow, not to mention I, BORG. I mean that season ROCKS!
And we had lots of anticipation for the next Trek spin-off, even though we didn't know it was DS9 yet.
So yes, I think 1991 is the tippy top Peak Trek, but 2016 is a high point!!

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