Tuesday, October 11, 2016


messages from mamaship is going in its own, thrillingly original creative direction. And I'm excited to get this thing off the ground.

a bit back, avery r. young was chilling on the couch at my place after some dinner and conversation with aymar.  i mentioned a black sci-fi kind of vibe that informed a lot of my work as a playwright. next thing i know avery’s commenting about how folks always bowing down to Sun-Ra for all that afrofuture. but if you really wanna know what’s going on, you need to be talking about George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic and all of that.

I played that comment cool at dinner.  but in the back of my mind collaborative energies were activated at full power!  I was thrilled to hear avery voice that opinion, because FUNK is a huge element of my own aesthetic, particularly with bring the beat Back. so, of course, P-FUNK is what I’m all about.

And now, a few months later we are about to do this show together.

and when you set out to create new work like this, you gotta know where you’re coming from.  now I do love me Sun Ra (don’t be surprised if you spot a few callbacks to the Arkestra!) 

But folks need to recognize… while SPACE IS most definitely THE PLACE, you gotta have a FLASHLIGHT to signal the sweet chariot to SWING LOW and let u RIDE…

and Sun Ra and George Clinton are just two of the heavyweights in the rich tradition of afro-futuristic vibes in black music.

the well is deep and we’re about to put some new material in the mix!

I couldn’t be happier about what avery and alexa and the other collaborators have created as we build this musical world.  

so the whole team is blasting off tonight! 

mamaship loadin’ two by two, children, and that’s the way it’s gonna be.

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